Darksiders Review

When I first heard about Darksiders, I was glad to hear that there was another game following in the footsteps of The Legend of Zelda’s item-based exploration. While other popular games are often copied endlessly by their competition The Legend of Zelda series seems to have avoided this problem entirely. The Legend of Zelda series has always introduced new ideas that have influenced the industry, but the the basics of the gameplay are rarely copied outright. Unfortunately, this causes a different problem that fans of other video game genres do not have: there are no similar games to play between Legend of Zelda releases.

Darksiders builds on the basic gameplay of The Legend of Zelda series and outperforms its predecessor in some ways. The result is a game that feels similar enough to The Legend of Zelda to make fans feel at home but offers enough differences to feel like something entirely new. Continue reading


My Expectations and Predictions for E3 2012

Last year, I wrote multiple articles before and during E3, but my expectations for E3 2012 are much lower. My expectations for Sony and Microsoft are especially low. At the very least, I am looking forward to hearing more about Nintendo’s WiiU, but I’m unsure if I will like what I hear. Nevertheless, I am interested in hearing more about some video games that have already been announced, and I also have a couple of predictions (though I do not think they are anything groundbreaking). Continue reading

Soul Calibur 5 Review

Soul Calibur 5 was released at the end of January and I have spent the last several weeks playing the game regularly. At first I was disappointed that many of the characters From previous Soul Calibur games had been removed but I quickly became attached to some of the characters. I feel confident saying that Soul Calibur 5 is my favorite game in the series and I expect to spend many fun-filled evenings with the game over the next few years.

Since I began playing Soul Calibur the basics of the game have remained about the same. Soul Calibur 4 introduced finishing moves but to this day I have never successfully performed a finishing move (though I have rarely tried). The finishing moves seemed like a nice new feature when it was announced but in the end the moves didn’t change the gameplay at all. Soul Calibur 5 has finally taken the series in a new direction and made real chances to the way the game is played.

Continue reading

Trine 2 Review

I have a strange relationship with the Trine series.

My first experience with the original Trine was on the Playstation 3 while playing with a friend. I enjoyed the first hour of Trine enough that, after learning that the game was not released for the Xbox 360, I purchased the PC version for myself. I played through the entire game alone, and once I had finished the game I never played it again.

Even so, I enjoyed playing Trine and the game was a memorable experience for me. I’ve been looking forward to Trine 2 since the day I finished the original game, so I purchased Trine 2 as soon as the game became available. Unfortunately, I’m not sure it was worth the wait. Continue reading

E3 2011: What I Want From Microsoft

E3 is just a couple of weeks away, so it’s time to start thinking about what to expect. Rumors are already flying and everyone is making predictions. Now, it’s my turn. Rather than making predictions based on rumors from questionable sources, I’m going to detail what I want to see at E3 this year. I may venture into the “this will probably never happen, but I want it” zone a bit, but this year there is plenty to be excited about without making wild guesses.

Last time, I told you want I wanted (and expected) from Sony. Now, it’s Microsoft’s turn. Microsoft has been pretty quiet this year and as far as we know is the only console manufacturer without a major platform announcement this year. That leaves plenty of room for surprises, but also means I don’t have much to look forward to.  So, this post will have some more far-fetched ideas. Continue reading