Ys Origin Review

ys-origin-topThe Ys series has remained relatively unknown in North America, but has always been worth playing. Ys Origin is, as the title suggests, an origin story for the rest of the series. Ys Origin is a traditional action RPG, available on Steam, without any of the bells and whistles. There is no talent or upgrade system, no party members to manage, and only the most basic equipment screen. Ys Origin is nothing more than a simple hack-and-slash action game, and it’s a ton of fun. Continue reading


Chrono Trigger Review

After years of waiting, one of the most beloved RPGs from the Super Nintendo era is finally available on Nintendo’s Virtual Console. Of course, fans of Chrono Trigger are already used to waiting. After being released in 1995, fans waited five years for the game’s one and only sequel, Chrono Cross.

Despite being so revered by gaming enthusiasts, SquareEnix didn’t make it easy to find a copy of the game until recently. Chrono Trigger wasn’t re-released until 2001 on the Playstation. Unfortunately, the Playstation version of Chrono Trigger was plagued by horrific load times. Fans had to wait another seven years before it was re-released again for the Nintendo DS at the price of $40 (expensive for a Nintendo DS game, but still cheaper than the $100 the original Super Nintendo game often fetches).

Now fans of the original game and new generations of gamers can experience this masterpiece for a measly $8. Even so, over fifteen years later Chrono Trigger is still worth the $100 price tag. Continue reading

Golden Sun Dark Dawn Review

In 2001, Golden Sun was a brand new, unproven role-playing game from Nintendo. The game’s mix of clever puzzles and Final Fantasy-style battles quickly turned the game into a must-have title for Nintendo’s new Game Boy Advance. The critically acclaimed game ended with the story only half finished and the promise of a sequel that would complete the tale. Sure enough, in 2003, Golden Sun: The Lost Age picked up where the first game left off.

After two well-received games it seemed that Golden Sun would become the newest Nintendo franchise to receive regular sequels that built on their predecessors.

That never happened. Continue reading