A long overdue review: The World Ends With You

I have played video games for almost twenty years, and in that time I’ve played dozens of great video games. I have spent hours playing and replaying universally acclaimed games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and at the same time given Quest 64 more chances to impress me than it deserves. The video game industry continues to impress me with well made games, but those same games often lack a uniqueness that makes them memorable after the game is over.

Despite all this, on rare occasion I play a truly unique video game that remains fresh in my mind for years. I consider these unique games to be among my favorites.

The World Ends With You is one of those games. Continue reading


Missing Virtual Console Games

Since the launch of the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo has made almost 400 classic games available to download from their online store. Many of the most popular games are available, but the Virtual Console also includes cult classics and a handful of games that were previously unavailable in North America (Sin & Punishment is the most prominent import title released so far and is definitely worth playing).

I don’t expect that the Virtual Console will ever include every classic game worth playing, but there are some notable games and series missing from the service. Some of the most notable games actually have stories behind why they are not on the service, and other games may be released very soon without us knowing!

I’d like to highlight some of the video games that I’d like to see released on the Virtual Console. Continue reading