Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber

Platforms: Nintendo 64 and Wii Virtual Console
Release Dates (NA): 2000 (N64) and 2010 (Wii)
Publisher: Atlus (N64) and Square Enix (Wii)

For over ten years, Ogre Battle 64 has been one of my favorite video games. Despite fantastic review scores from critics, Ogre Battle 64 sold poorly when it was released for the Nintendo 64 in 2000. Over a decade later, the original Nintendo 64 cartridges are a collectors item.

Thankfully, Square Enix has made the game available to purchase from the Wii Virtual Console for ten dollars. If you haven’t purchased it already, I highly recommend that you experience this masterpiece.

It’s much more likely that you arrived here because you have played Ogre Battle 64 and you need help. I am only just beginning to write resources for Ogre Battle 64, but my primary goal is to cover the most complex game mechanics.

Please keep in mind that, while Ogre Battle 64 is dear to me, I will still be writing my other articles and reviews in addition to updating these resources. Some time may pass between updates. I have included links to other Ogre Battle 64 resources at the bottom of this page.

Promoting Soldiers

Soldiers are the weakest units in Ogre Battle 64, but they are also critical to building an effective army. By winning battles against the enemy, soldiers can promote into fighters and amazons. Promoting soldiers is the only way to recruit new, non-unique, members into your army, so you need to learn to use soldiers effectively as quickly as possible. Read more…

Chaos Frame

Chaos Frame is hidden value in Ogre Battle 64 that will constantly change as you play through the game. In simple terms, your Chaos Frame is a measure of how good or evil your army is as a whole. Your Chaose Frame can be any number from zero to one hundred and will determine which ending you receive as well as which special charaters will join your army. Read more…

Other Ogre Battle 64 Resources

The Ogre Battle 64 Archive
This archive is the most complete Ogre Battle 64 resource site that is actively updated today. You will find an image archive, detailed information about each class, and other game information.

Saradin’s Ogre Battle FAQ
When Geocities closed, I feared that this FAQ was lost forever. Thankfully, Oocities has archived it for our continued use! The FAQ is particularly noteworthy for information about Chaos Frame and Alignment.

The Ogre Battle Domain
This was one of the best Ogre Battle 64 resources years ago, but it has not been updated since 2005. Nevertheless, the information is useful.

Ogre Battle World
This is another old Ogre Battle 64 website with worthwhile information. It has not been updated since 2001.

Ogre Battle 64 Fan Site
I have only recently stumbled upon this website, but it contains extensive text-only resources for Ogre Battle 64. It does not appear to be actively updated.

VG Mapper
VG Mapper has a fairly extensive collection of in-game graphics – including mission maps. I know of no other source for these resources.