Video Game Insight is a video game review blog.

I will be reviewing classic video games and new video games on a variety of game platforms. One week I may review a brand new XBOX 360 game, and the next week I may review a Super Nintendo classic.

I will tend to favor Nintendo platforms when choosing games to review simply because they make up the majority of my game collection.

My goal is to publish one review each week, on Saturday.

I write meaningful reviews.

Too often, video game reviews are nothing more than lengthy descriptions of a game’s features with an inconsistent rating system applied to each one. My reviews are not written in an objective or neutral tone, and I will only explain features that are relevant to my opinion on the video game. My reviews will explain what I like about the game and what I do not like about the game.

I do not use a rating system. I’ve found that rating systems are not only inconsistent, but also misleading. Too many gamers, myself included, have chosen not to buy a game based entirely off of the 7/10 review score without bothering to read what the review actually says. I would like to avoid contributing to the problem.

All of the content on this website is written by one person.

My name is Joshua Lindquist. I am a graphic designer and life-long gamer currently living in Texas. I’m particularly fond of adventure games, platformers, puzzle games, and RPGs. When I’m not playing games, I enjoy reading, writing, and web design.

I am an article and game content writer for Zelda Universe. I was founder and webmaster of my own small Legend of Zelda website from 2002-2010 before deciding to work more closely with other larger Legend of Zelda websites. I am also a former administrator of the Zelda Wiki project.

Needless to say, the Legend of Zelda series are my favorite video games.

This website includes content from past projects.

When I first began writing on this blog, I was not exactly sure what direction to move in. For the first year, I was regularly publishing editorials and some game guides along with game reviews.

As some of the articles and guides have become somewhat popular, they will remain in-tact, but I currently do not have plans to add to them.