Scribblenauts Remix Review

I encountered Scribblenauts Remix a few months ago while browsing for a cheap time-sink on my phone. I had read about Scribblenauts after the original game was released for Nintendo DS, but had not be interested enough to pay thirty dollars to try it out. The iOS game was significantly cheaper, so I decided to try it out, and I haven’t regretted my decision.

Scribblenauts is designed for playing.

The premise of Scribblenauts is simple. You are Maxwell, and you have a magical notebook. Whatever you write in the notebook comes to life. The game accepts all tasteful entries, and I was genuinely surprised at how many different objects the game is able to produce. To make the game more interesting, you can also add adjectives to describe your creations. Its hard to be unimpressed when a game can accurately draw a large angry flying fire breathing gorgon.

A large angry flying fire breathing gorgon.

Learning to play the game is easy, and there was one thing that quickly became clear while playing Scribblenauts Remix: the single-player missions are mostly dull and boring. The real experience, and almost all of the fun, comes from the various playgrounds that allow you to freely draw whatever you want.

The playgrounds are themed sandboxes. You are free to create people and let them mingle, but it’s a lot more fun to create less peaceful scenarios. Witches will always fight wizards, and police officers will take down criminals. Arsonists will set fire to any buildings you produce, and ghosts will terrify most people. The possibilities are endless, and I have enjoyed experimenting with the various people, animals, and items.

The developers have done a great job of including toys for players. You are able to create swords and various firearms and explosives, but there are also toys like a grappling hook and freeze ray. That’s just the beginning! Even months after first playing, I am continually surprised at how accurately Scribblenauts Remix is able to draw what I type.

Ignore the single player missions.

As previously mentioned, the single-player missions aren’t much fun. Anyone who has completed elementary school can quickly complete most of the missions, but that’s only if you aren’t bored long before you finish.

The missions ask you to complete a simple task by drawing the correct object. In most cases, you’re met with simple instructions like “draw five farm animals.”

There are a handful of more creative and amusing missions, but they hardly justify spending the time to complete the other less impressive missions.

This is one of the more amusing single player missions.

I have a couple minor complaints.

First, Scribblenauts Remix does a fantastic job of drawing almost anything you can write; key word: almost. It’s frustrating when you do encounter something that the game cannot draw, or adjectives the game does not recognize.

Second, there is a limit to how many objects you can have on-screen at once. I’m sure this is a limitation of the iPhone hardware and is done to keep the game running properly, but it is frustrating none-the-less. You will inevitably wish you could draw just one more object every time you reach the limit. Furthermore, the limit is not based solely on the number of objects, so deleting one object from the screen does not always allow you to draw one more object.

Scribblenauts Remix is a great time-sink.

There is nothing serious about Scribblenauts Remix. If you’re looking for a challenge or a story, then this is the wrong game. If you just want to kill some time and have fun messing around, then Scribblenauts Remix is perfect. I have spent hours drawing nonsense with this game, and killed my phone battery on more than one occasion. Scribblenauts Remix is a fantastic, fun, cheap game.


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