My first impressions of Xenoblade

I picked up my copy of Xenoblade yesterday, and I have played about eight hours of the game so far. I’ve been very impressed with Xenoblade so far; the game was definitely worth all the effort to have it localized.

It didn’t take long for Xenoblade to remind me of World of Warcraft. The huge world, battle system, and quests are all reminiscent of an MMO. I’m a little surprised at how well the-MMO inspired elements work in this single player game.

The battle system has definitely been the highlight of my experience so far, and I was impressed at how quickly the story is paced. The music is also noteworthy; Xenoblade’s soundtrack is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

The only negative comment I have is about the graphics, and this problem has already been highlighted in countless reviews. The environments are massive and gorgeous from a distance, but up close the visuals (especially the character models) are noticeably outdated. Unfortunately that means the graphical problems are most noticeable during the cut-scenes. Regardless, the graphics are a minor complaint; Xenoblade is extremely fun and quickly pulls you in.


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