New Content: Ogre Battle 64

Since I began writing on this website almost one year ago, I had hoped that eventually I could focus some of my writing on specific games. I tried this early on with some games, but I quickly postponed those plans and focused entirely on writing articles and reviews on a variety of topics.

I have decided that the time has come to focus some of my efforts on a specific game: Ogre Battle 64. I chose Ogre Battle 64 not only because it is among my favorite games, but also because detailed information about the game is scarce.  Ogre Battle 64 contains some complex mechanics that aren’t explained in the game.

Truth be told, I have been planning to begin writing guides for Ogre Battle 64 for at least six years. Each time I began, other projects have taken priority. I am glad to finally have the project off the ground as a part of Video Game Insight.

There is only one detailed guide completed at this time, but I will be writing updates on a regular basis along with my other articles and reviews.


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