Mobile Gaming: A legitimate alternative

This week, I upgraded to an iPhone – my first phone that isn’t just a phone. I have played with iOS devices in the past (specifically an iPod Touch), but never took the time to really look at the type of games that were available.

My masterpiece.

I knew that Square Enix had begun releasing games for iOS, but I had no idea how many, and I was surprised to see some other developers from the console-scene. I haven’t spent the money to buy any of the Square Enix games yet (they are considerably more expensive than most other iOS games), but I expect that I will eventually. I may have beaten Chrono Trigger countless times, but I imagine that I won’t be able to keep it off my phone forever.

So far, I’ve only spent a few dollars on some simple, but well-known, games. I’ve also downloaded a few free games. Draw Something has taken up more time than I ever expected, and I am also enjoying Jetpack Joyride. I expect to be spending more and more time playing games on my phone – this week alone has already taken hours of time away from my Nintendo DSi.

I don’t expect any touchscreen-only device to ever replace a more traditional handheld gaming system, but, for the first time, I consider them to be a legitimate alternative. If nothing else, these mobile games are fun, and that’s what gaming is all about anyway.

Upcoming content changes

I will be writing more about mobile games in the future; this will include game reviews. I am also planning to write shorter posts (like this one) more often that cover smaller topics or simply share links. I have been unable to complete as many longer articles lately, but I do not like leaving the site without updates for multiple weeks. I hope these shorter posts can help alleviate the problem.

I will still be writing game reviews, Zelda articles (published at Zelda Universe), and I hope to continue the Smash Bros. series as well. These shorter posts will be a new, additional, type of content.


One thought on “Mobile Gaming: A legitimate alternative

  1. I’ve had my iPhone for over a year, and a first gen iPod Touch before that. The games I play the most are card games, Minesweeper, or Words with Friends
    . I’ve tried games that I enjoy on the PC, like the Battlefield game that came out on iOS a while back, but while it looks good I just can’t control it with my fingers blocking half of the touch screen.

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