Trine 2 Review

I have a strange relationship with the Trine series.

My first experience with the original Trine was on the Playstation 3 while playing with a friend. I enjoyed the first hour of Trine enough that, after learning that the game was not released for the Xbox 360, I purchased the PC version for myself. I played through the entire game alone, and once I had finished the game I never played it again.

Even so, I enjoyed playing Trine and the game was a memorable experience for me. I’ve been looking forward to Trine 2 since the day I finished the original game, so I purchased Trine 2 as soon as the game became available. Unfortunately, I’m not sure it was worth the wait.

Fun. Beautiful. Forgettable.

Trine 2 plays out almost exactly like the original game. There are three characters: Amadeus the wizard, Zoya the thief, and Pontius the knight. Each one has different abilities, and you must switch between them to defeat enemies, solve puzzles, and overcome obstacles. They are a well-balanced trio of characters, and you will need to learn to use each character well to complete each stage.

While the developers did a great job designing the foundation of the video game, there isn’t much substance built on that foundation. Ultimately, Trine 2 feels like downloadable content for the original Trine. Most of the puzzles and obstacles have not changed, and the few new ideas are repeated countless times. Pouring magical water on plants to make them grow is not an original idea, but Trine 2 uses that exact idea repeatedly throughout the game.

The problem is made worse by the excessively long stages. Each stage feels like it should be two. Normally I wouldn’t consider long stages to be a bad feature, but the stages in Trine 2 are full of the same puzzles, obstacles, and enemies that are in every other stage. Rarely is anything new introduced.

Nevertheless, Trine 2 is a fun video game. In particular, if you enjoyed the first Trine there is no reason you would not enjoy the sequel. It is more-or-less the same game.

Overall, Trine 2 is above average when it comes to quality. The game is well-balanced, fun the first time through, includes online multiplayer, has breathtaking graphics, and a great soundtrack. On the other hand, the story is nonsense and the game is very forgettable. You won’t want to play Trine 2 more than once, and the game gives you no reason consider doing so.

Approach with caution.


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