Is this the end of Megaman?

The creator has left Capcom. Two games have been cancelled. Zero games are known to be in development. It’s hard to believe Megaman was once Capcom’s flagship character. He’s even been snubbed in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 despite being the most requested character by fans by a large margin.

Megaman has been struggling to find his place for years, but new games with new ideas were always being developed and most of the games turned out alright even if there were way too many games being released. After years of being so active, it’s strange that there are no new Megaman games on the horizon. To make matters worse, two highly anticipated Megaman games have been cancelled this year including Megaman Legends 3, a game devoted fans have waited years to get their hands on.

So, where does Megaman go from here? Does he have a future at all? 

What is Capcom thinking?

Megaman has been around since the 8-bit era and has a huge and dedicated fan base. So, why is Capcom going out of its way to piss off all those people? I wouldn’t call myself a Megaman fan and even I’m unhappy with the way Capcom is treating this gaming legend. Sure, the creator left the company to work elsewhere, but why on Earth would you use that as an excuse to kill off one of your most important franchises?

Neglecting the series is one thing, but Capcom is past that point. Megaman Legends fans have waited ten years for the third installment in the series. The game was announced, and started off great. The developers ask the fans for input on everything and planned to release a demo of the game. Unfortunately, the good ends there. The demo was delayed and then the project was ultimately cancelled.

I wasn’t really looking forward to the game myself, but the development approach had grabbed my attention. One day I found myself checking out three different designs for Megaman in the new game, and I picked out the one I liked best. While I wouldn’t say I was ready to buy the game, the developers had interested me enough to read articles I otherwise would have skipped. I’d love to see more developers take this approach and ask their fans what they think at different stages of development.

I hope someone else can do it better because Capcom has really screwed this one up. Nintendo has been known to ignore fans pleas for games (MOTHER3 comes to mind as well as the recent “Operation: Rainfall” movement trying to bring Xenoblade, Pandora’s Tower, and The Last Story to the United States), but at least Nintendo never said “okay” and then changed their mind a week before the release date.

To be fair, Capcom never said Megaman Legends 3 would become a full retail game. There was always the chance that the game would be cancelled before it was completed, but it was cruel to not even release the demo after repeatedly saying it would be released.

At this point, I’m not sure Capcom cares what Megaman fans think, and I’m not sure Capcom has any plans for Megaman to continue at all, but I think they’d be stupid to discontinue the Megaman series simple because Inafune is no longer working for them.

Megaman’s Future

Megaman Legends 3 would have been one of the best ways Capcom could have pleased fans. Including Megaman in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 would have been another great way to please fans. Instead, they’ve left fans disappointed twice in a week.

If Megaman is going to have a future, then Capcom needs to do something drastic. They did it once before with Megaman 9, and I think that is a great starting point. An updated Megaman platformer (in the style of New Super Mario Bros) could help revitalize the series.

Unfortunately, I’m not convinced Capcom wants Megaman to have a future.


One thought on “Is this the end of Megaman?

  1. megaman should join the super smash bros. cast if capcom dont mind megaman being a 3rd party member like sonic and snake join the last game from a third part megaman is a gaming legend he should join the others

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