5 Final Fantasy Characters for Smash Bros.

One of the most anticipated features of Super Smash Bros. Brawl was the inclusion of third-party characters in a series that was previously made up entirely of Nintendo’s first-party characters. Unfortunately, many people (myself included) were disappointed when they learned that Sonic and Snake would be the only playable third party characters after originally hearing that the developers planned to include more than two.

Once again, with new Smash Bros. games on the horizon, I am hoping that additional third party characters are added, and there is one long running series with a huge collection of characters to choose from: Final Fantasy.

Even though SquareEnix has released their own Final Fantasy fighting game, I still think there is hope for one character to appear in the next Smash Bros. installment. However, I am not sure how willing Nintendo will be to include some of the most popular characters in the series when they have never appeared on a Nintendo platform in the past. Final Fantasy 7 may be the most-loved entry in the series, but I doubt we’ll see Cloud or Sephiroth in Smash Bros.

I’ve narrowed the vast selection of characters down to five who I think actually have a shot at getting in.

Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy)

While the main Final Fantasy series has abandoned Nintendo’s platforms in recent years, the series was made famous on the NES. The actual game put you in control of the four Heroes of Light, and the player selected a class for each one. One of the classes is a Warrior, and the Warrior of Light has since become the face of the original Final Fantasy and was included in SquareEnix’s own fighting game.

As the face of the original Final Fantasy, Warrior of Light is an easy choice for Smash Bros., but he is also just another swordsman for the game.

Terra (Final Fantasy 6)

Final Fantasy 7 may be the fan favorite, but in every discussion where Final Fantasy 7 is mentioned there is a Final Fantasy 6 fan calling the seventh installment overrated. Terra is the main character of Final Fantasy 6, and Final Fantasy 6 was the last main series Final Fantasy game to be released on a Nintendo platform.

Terra is a heavily magic-based character who could end up playing similarly to Princess Zelda, but with more offensive special moves. She was previously featured in both Dissidia: Final Fantasy games, so there is some source material for special moves besides those shown in the original Super NES title.


Moogles appear in almost every Final Fantasy game, and differ from my other suggestions because they represent the series as a whole rather than a particular game. There are also many more sources to pull from because they have appeared across a wide variety of games. Ideally, I think a playable Moogle should have a little bit of everything Moogles are known for rather than being designed to specifically remind players of a particular Moogle character like Mog or Montblanc.

Layle (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers)

I’ll be perfectly honest about this one: I have no interest in seeing Layle in Super Smash Bros. However, I think he has a shot because he is the only recent Final Fantasy protagonist to appear on Nintendo’s primary platform (in this case, the Wii).

Despite my lack of interest in the character, I can think of some promising ideas for special moves based on Layle’s telekinetic powers. He could be very interesting if put together well, but he also has great potential to be a Mewtwo-esque mess.

Cecil (Final Fantasy 4)

Cecil is another nostalgic choice based on his appearance in Final Fantasy IV. Like Terra and Warrior of Light, Cecil is not really relevant today (even though he did appear in Dissidia: Final Fantasy), but he is great representative of Final Fantasy when it existed primarily on Nintendo’s platform.


2 thoughts on “5 Final Fantasy Characters for Smash Bros.

  1. I honestly dont think final fantasty belongs with super smash bros. I mean from what you have said any potential popular characters wont make it and the final fantasy has a different characters and story in pretty much every game giving no classic feel to it, though I think they would be epic assist characters I would much prefer Castlevania characters to the mix but to a point like Simon Belmont he would have a fun crazy whip style everyone loves and hes the castlevania icon and the only other character I would enjoy is Dracula who is the main antagonist and he is a magic power house as for no other character has a move set exsisting of only magic which makes him so much more unique and castlevania judgment came out for the wii as an fighting game give easy access to move sets and posable smash making it easier on the devlopers to know what to give them

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