5 Swordsman for Super Smash Bros.

At E3 2011, Satoru Iwata announced that following the completion of Kid Icarus: Uprising Masahiro Sakurai and his team at Sora would begin work on two new Super Smash Bros. games (one for the Nintendo 3DS and one for WiiU). So, once again it is time to begin looking at all the possible characters that could be added to the next games in the series.

When I began thinking of possibilities, the first characters I thought of were all swordsman, so I’ve decided to begin my Super Smash Bros. speculation with five swordsman. Naturally, there are plenty of non-swordsman who could also be added, so I intend for this article to be the first of many discussing the possibilities for the new Super Smash Bros. games.

Over the past year and a half, Nintendo has released three well-received RPGs for the Wii in Japan. Unfortunately, none of these games have made it overseas so-far, but I still believe the main characters have a strong case for inclusion in Super Smash Bros. due to the reception the games received in Japan. So, I have included all three of them in this list.

Because the games haven’t been translated, details on the characters abilities are a little hard to come by (in English anyway), but what we do know is enough to get some ideas for characters abilities.

It’s also worth noting that four of these five characters were not eligible to be included in Super Smash Bros. Brawl because the games had not been released yet. The last is a “retro character” from the NES days.


This may seem like the most obvious choice coming from a website that focuses on one of the Golden Sun games, but a playable representative from the Golden Sun series is long overdue. Sakurai was kind enough to include Isaac as an assist trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but next time I’m expecting a playable character.

Matthew is an earth adept that can cause plants to grow, move objects, and start earthquakes. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is full of ideas for special moves based on the various psynergy powers that Matthew wields.


Ende is the protagonist of Nintendo’s Japan-only RPG Pandora’s Tower. Aside from his sword, Ende is armed with the Orichalcum Chain. The Chain is similar to the hookshot that Link uses as his throw, but has a wider range of uses. In the game, it is used to swing across gaps, solve puzzles, and attack enemies. There are tons of possibilities for special attacks with the Chain.

Simea (The Hero of Crystalis)

Ever since the beginning, Nintendo has used Super Smash Bros. to bring old, forgotten characters into the current game generation. In the original Super Smash Bros., they surprised everyone by including Ness, whose only game was five years old at the time. In Super Smash Bros. Melee they brought back Mr. Game & Watch and the Ice Climbers, and in Super Smash Bros. Brawl they gave Pit a redesign that ultimately led to the first new Kid Icarus game in ten years.

I’m counting on Nintendo to dig through the past to find more characters for the next Smash Bros. and I think Simea from Crystalis is the perfect candidate (Note: In the original release of Crystalis the main character was not given a name. The name Simea was added in the Gameboy Color remake). Crystalis is a cult-classic from the NES era and the hero uses four swords (one for each element) that could work well in Super Smash Bros.

I think a system similar to the Pokemon Trainer could allow Simea to use all four elemental swords. It’s a stretch, but I think it would make an interesting character.


Ezla is a mercenary with dreams of becoming a knight. He is the main character of Mistwalker’s RPG The Last Story. Aside from his sword, Ezla can use a wide range of magic abilities.

Ezla can also use a “Gathering” ability that slows down enemies and draws attention to Ezla (instead of other party members). A “Command” ability stops time momentarily. Simply put, there is a long list of possibilities for magical abilities to be used in the game.


Shulk is the main character of Xenoblade, an action-RPG developed by Monolith that was released in Japan last year. Unlike the last two Japan-only games, Xenoblade is actually scheduled for release in Europe later this year (I can only hope that will lead to a North American release later). Shulk wields the “Monado sword” and is sure to have some special abilities of his own.


4 thoughts on “5 Swordsman for Super Smash Bros.

  1. I love your idea for simea id personaly love to see him come to life I dont really know many other young gamers who know him but Id have to say he will gain popularity and if were lucky he could have a random new game like with Pit and kid Icarus uprising but still with the swordsmen charaters id say Link will probably allways remain my favorite swordsman in any game but if your looking for super smash bros. charaters to join students in my school gaming clubs and fans are big with super smash bros. and the popularity resides with most the older characters at least a few years old and have proven to suport there selfs over the time in my opinion a great swordsman for super smash bros. would be Chrono from Chrono Trigger and I know people will be glad to see him =3 tho he dosent appear in much games he keep his popularity all these years with no resent game and plus I dont know those other guys do to living in America they look and sound to be great games but the idea is I dont know who they are or how long there popularity will fair true you can say the same for and older game but those you can go back and play there obviously popular enough for us to mention though you may not be able to find the old game or system but you my find demos downloadable one or at the very least a lets play and you sure as hell can look forward to them becoming popular enough to have a new game or spin off!!!

  2. by the way id prefer Simea over pokemon trainer any day frankly I think there should only be one pokemon character not to sound cheesy but it should be Ash and Pikachu I mean he`s the pokemon icon the only reason you dont play him in the games is because they want you to feel like the pokemon trainer not oh Ash is saving the world agien you know what i mean and I think the pokemon balls should be changed like pokeball equal first evolution greatball equal second evolution ultraball equal third evolution and masterball equal rare and if the players want it random idk a luxuryball or mabie make a randomball and it give a random pokemon well idk if you have any say in that but im sure other fans would agree and might come by this

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