Zelda Ocarina of Time: Queen Gohma Boss Strategy

Queen Gohma is the boss Inside the Great Deku Tree, and the first boss you will meet in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The fight follows a familiar strategy dating back to the original Legend of Zelda: you must hit Gohma’s eye in order to defeat her. Even so, employing some strategy can help make this fight easier than it already is. 

Quick Strategy

  • Use the first person view to find Gohma on the ceiling.
  • Attack her eye with the fairy slingshot when it turns red to stun her.
  • While she is stunned, attack the eye with your sword.

In Depth Strategy

The fight with Queen Gohma requires that you learn how aiming the fairy slingshot works. If you are not comfortable shooting at the eye switches in the dungeon quickly, then you are going to have a much bigger problem attacking the eye of a moving spider boss.

When you enter the room, activate the first person view and begin looking around the ceiling of the room. When you see the boss moving around the on the ceiling, try to focus your view on the eye. This will activate the fight.

Gohma will not try to attack you directly. Instead, she will retreat to the ceiling, lay eggs, and then fall on top of you. You can stop some of these things if you are quick.

Your main focus should be on Gohma’s eye. When it turns red, quickly pull out the fairy slingshot and shoot the eye. A successful hit will stun Gohma and leave her eye open for attack. While she is stunned, attack the eye with the sword as many times as you can. Jump attacks will take her down faster, but only if you are able to continuously hit without missing. I have found that most of the time it is better to use normal strikes to be certain you are not wasting your opportunity to strike.

When Gohma retreats to the ceiling, she will begin to lay eggs that contain the Gohma Larva that you fought earlier in the dungeon. Her eye is vulnerable while she is laying the eggs, so take this time to quickly hit the eye. Doing so will send her crashing down to the floor and stop her from laying the eggs.

Taking down the queen shouldn’t take more than three rounds as long as you use the opportunities to strike efficiently. It is possible to take her down after stunning her only once, but most players are not going to be able to manage this.

Alternative Strategy

Deku nuts can also stun Gohma. This only works if she is on the ground, so it would be difficult to use only Deku nuts to complete the fight. Also, be aware that there is a glitch in very early Nintendo 64 copies of Ocarina of Time that causes the game to freeze if you use a Deku nut on Gohma (this is fixed in later releases).


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