Golden Sun Dark Dawn: The 5 Easiest to Miss Djinn

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is notorious for providing tons of collectibles and then making them inaccessible after you reach certain points in the game. There are four points in the game where you are locked out of previously visited areas and/or where the Djinn in those areas cannot be obtained anymore. In all, there are 24 total Djinn you can miss if you aren’t using a guide (which I highly recommend if you actually want to find them all) or just aren’t paying close attention (which is easy to do when you’re wrapped up in having fun playing the game).

This is a short list that doesn’t even begin to cover all of the Djinn that you can miss or easily overlook, but I’ve narrowed it down to five Djinni that are extremely easy to miss. In most cases, you never seen these Djinn without really looking for them. Most others you will at least see and then know you need to figure out the puzzle to reach them.

5. Simoom: South Harapa Isle

Simoom is found on the world map and is the only Djinni on this list that you cannot actually miss due to progressing in the game. Even so, it’s easy to miss Simoom because he is located on a small island that has nothing else on it and that you have no reason to ever visit.

The island is in the ocean south of Harapa. That’s almost as far southwest as the game will let you sail. Wander around the island until you meet Simoom in battle. Defeat the Djinni and its yours.

4. Chill: Carver’s Camp

Chill is located at Carver’s Camp in the southeastern area. You need to climb a tree and use Growth Psynergy to reach it, but you must do so before completing Konpa Cave. After that, you cannot return to Carver’s Camp. Your best bet is to locate Chill in your very first visit to the camp.

3. Fever: East Lumber Yard

Fever is the first of only a few Djinn found on the world map. All of the world map Djinn are out of the way and easy to overlook, but Fever near the beginning of the game and extremely easy to miss if you’re too preoccupied with actually playing the game. Once you finish Konpa Cave, you cannot return to find Fever.

Fever is located in the area south of the Lumber Yard’s east exit. Simply walk around the world map until you reach a “random battle” against this Djinn. Win the battle and the Djinn is yours.

2. Doldrum: Craggy Peak Taurus Room

After going through the Cloud Passage, you’ll end up at the Craggy Peak ruins. At the ruins, you’ll have to complete several rooms filled with puzzles before you can continue. In the Taurus room (each room has a zodiac mark), there is a lion statue on the wall. Use Fireball Psynergy on the lion to release the Djinn stuck in the statue’s mouth.

It’s extremely easy to miss this Djinn has you quickly run through the rooms filled with puzzles. This is the only Djinn in the ruins and there is no reason to ever return to the ruins once you leave. After the eclipse begins, you will not be able to return.

1. Pincer: West Belinsk Fireplace

You will probably notice this Djinn long before it becomes available. To make matters worse, it is only available for a very short amount of time. After the Luna Tower has been activated (but before you leave Belinsk and continue the game) speak to the old man in the house on the west side of Belinsk. He will run in to the next room and then return.

When you go into the room the old man visited momentarily, you will find a puddle of water on the ground in front of the fireplace. Use Cold Snap Psynergy on the puddle to create a stepping stone to the ladder in the northwest corner of the room. Climb the ladder to find Pincer.


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