Metroid: Other M Review

When Metroid: Other M was announced at E3 in 2009, I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was that there was going to be a new Metroid game that was not a first-person shooter. For years, I waited for another 2D-style Metroid game and it appeared that I would get my wish. Even after it became obvious that the game was more 3D than 2D I was still excited to play it.

When the game was finally released, most of the reviews were negative and I ignored them. However, I hesitated and rented the game instead of purchasing it and I’m glad that I did. Unfortunately, Metroid’s return to third-person wasn’t anything I hoped it would be.

After playing the game, I have very few good things to say about it. The game looks great and I enjoy the auto-aim system for basic attacks. When all you’re doing is running through 2D corridors the game plays great. Aside from that, the game is a mess.

Much of the game is 3D, but you have to control Samus using only the d-pad. This becomes problematic when you need to jump on top of enemies to execute special moves or when platforming is required. The controls suffer more due to the first-person mode that is activated when you point the Wii remote at the screen. This works great when you just need to look around, but switching back and forth quickly in combat is disorienting. You must switch to first-person view to use missiles, but you cannot move in first-person. In combat, you’re stuck in place as enemies attack you.

Outside of combat, you will periodically be forced in to first-person view seemingly random times. When this happens, you must find a certain important object before you can continue, but you aren’t given many clues about what you are looking for. I sat for several minutes trying to figure out what to point at the first time this happened. I finally had to look it up online to continue playing at all.

If the controls aren’t frustrating enough, you’ll also be turned off by the story and the way Samus is portrayed. For years, gamers have assumed that Samus is a bad-ass bounty hunter, but Other M portrays her as something completely different: a whiny, overly emotional child. You will constantly be listening to Samus’s inner-monologues that do nothing to make her seem like the bounty hunter we thought she was.

I really wanted to enjoy this game, and I did my best to give it a fair chance even though I found the controls frustrating, but the game just isn’t fun. It is by far one of the most disappointing games I’ve played in a long time.


2 thoughts on “Metroid: Other M Review

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  2. what are you talking? this game F U C K I N G A M A Z I N G ! I injoyed all of the game and amit it was frustrating going to shooter during battle but after you adapt its not hard just you cant just missile everything dead you need to find an opening and not being able to walk sucked but it keeps people from spamming the missles iv had no trouble jumping and preforming execution the game play it bad ass and you need to give Samuse a break shes only human and were exsploring her past and Adam dies I mean that why she was emotional which she only had a few emotional out bursts like Adam killing his self so she wouldent have to die Ridley throwing the guy who calls her princess to the lava pit and when she pretty much found out they cloned the metroids and made the motherbrain fake which begain thaking its mother brain and all that good stuff pretty much they erased what she devoted her entire life to and she was a hard core bounty hunter she usley had a cool mind thought things thourgh even afer Lyle and the others died she keep her emotions in contact but the few times she dident was the harsh reality of her past like when she realized Ridley was alive as he attacked her she saw back when she was a little girl and first encounter with him id make her out to be no less then 4 or 5 the game had a pretty good storyline and the game was fun no challenge intell Sector 3 no life threatening intell the Ridley fight desent bosses like nightmare and Queen Metroid powerful at the second ending when you go back for Adams helmet Phantoon was one hell of a battle only thing I have to agree on you about is the looking part most part it was easy and got it done quick all four ridley times it took a few momments and when you look for MB I quieted and like a half hour latter my cusin found it on a spot I even had the hand resting on idk i guess the game was glitching our something or there like and exact tinny spot idk

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